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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  March 9, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it's wjz maryland's news station. the producer who try to extort money from david letterman makes a surprising statement in court. hello, here's what people will be talking about. >> just a short time ago a dramatic twist in the high profile extortion twist involving david letterman. a 48 hours producer admit to his role in the crime. what he told the judge. >> reporter: he admitted in open court he tried to shake down david letterman. he pled guilty in exchange to 6 months in prison. >> i apologize to mr. letterman and his family. >> last year letterman stunned
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the audience with this confession. >> i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. he decided to make the admission after being threatened to go public in exchange for $2 million. he could spend 4 months in prison, a life sentence compared to what he faces going to trial. he could have spent 15 years behind bars. >> we weigh the prospects of going to jail. >> reporter: he found out about reading his ex-girlfriend's diary. she wrote about an affair. perts say he tried black male because he was deep in debt and needed money. >> he will serve four and a
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half years of probation and complete a thousand hours of community service and dave letterman release a statement thanking the police department. the other major story, crews make progress in restoring water to thousands of residents in baltimore county. live in owings mills, more information on when the water could be flowing again. >> hello to everyone. we just spoke to the director of public works and he says that residents can expect money more full day of going without water. crews are making progress but it's tricky because of where the main broke. after combing through the wooded scene of a water main break, cruise pinpoint the exact location and remove the broken section of the pipe underground. >> the new pipe on site.
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a few coming in today. we should have the pipe being work on throughout the evening and through tomorrow. >> it's making it difficult to repair. crews are building a road to transport pipe to the main. thousands of residents are without water. it happened saturday night, 3 million-gallons spill out. >> it's a big pain. i would rather have no electricity and take a cold shower than no water. >> people without line up to fill up. >> it's horrible, but what can we do? >> a temporary smaller main in place to fill the tanks but a permanent fix could be days away. if all goes well, we should have that pipe in and install and back into service and the
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normal fee restore and back in service by thursday morning. >> reporter: tonight a warning from the director, he has reports that people are trying to sell water in the communities but county residents can go to the sports complex and get it for free until 9 p.m. thank you. the department of public works is urging everyone in the area who has water to conserve it. >> right now protesters are gathering to demonstrate where michael vick is being honor. vick will receive a courage award. it recognizes courage and sportsman ship off of the field. he spent time in federal prison after pleading guilty to dogfighting charges.
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wedding bells ring in washington today as the district becomes the 6th place in the country to allow same- sex unions. more than 300 weddings are on the books for this week alone. >> reporter: like any other wedding in washington, family and friends filled the seat, rings exchanged but these made history. >> you are my rock, my life, my love. >> reporter: for the first time, same-sex couples are marry in washington d.c. >> i now proclaim you to be partners for life. >> it's wonderful. i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: the sixth place in the country to allow same-sex unions. some didn't wait for the law to change, they exchanged vows privately weeks ago and waited until today to make it official. >> congratulations to the
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newlyweds. >> reporter: the mayor argued it was social justice. same-sex couples shouldn't be denied the rights of other couples. >> now we are married anywhere in the universe, if we say we're married, everyone understands. >> reporter: dozens of other couples were getting marriage licenses. they say marriage should be for man and a woman. we're facing a redefinition that could underminor the oldest institution in the world. >> it's not expected to slow down. weddings at the courthouse are set to more than double in the weeks ahead. >> normally the courthouse has 4-6 weddings a day, but they're
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expecting 10-12 per day. some items that played a key role in the case of sheila dixon are now available to the highest bidder. >> they're selling an x box she bought with gift cards meant for the poor. it was seized in 2008. wjz just checked and now it's at $660. she pleaed guilty to perjury and convicted for using gift cards intended for needy families. state prosecutor plans to post the camcorder on e bay soon. proceeds from the sales go to a city program for summer jobs for teens. students in six maryland counties don't have to make up the days lost in the winter's
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blizzards. she's granting waivers to schools in 6 countyies. and the days are getting longer which means spring cannot be far off. outside now, it's downright mild, beautiful with a lot of sunshine all day long, wjz has weather and traffic together. we're going first to bob turk to get the numbers. >> spectacular afternoon. not much of a breeze. beautiful. checking radar, we go out to the west, maybe about 600-miles or so and some showers in indiana, a few over tennessee. eventually we see some clouds moving into the region by later tomorrow and some rain here likely by thursday.
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but for the time being, beautiful weather, it will hold dry until late in the day we see some more clouds. better weather to the north. expect some showers by thursday and see some good amounts of rain by the end of the week. >> thank you. let's check on the roads with christie at wjz traffic control. >> overall, not a bad start. a couple accidents and delays to report. we have an accident traveling in the area westbound. north side of the inner loop, a slow spot from green spring avenue. heavy from baltimore national pike to security boulevard. ten minutes there. congestion from the bwi parkway to 395. we had an earlier accident that's been cleared and in baltimore city, two accidents
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in that region, now let's look here, you can see the topside at green spring avenue. traffic moving well. this report brought to you by sun belt. >> thank you. a large tornado slams into a small oklahoma town and a storm spotter catches it on tape. >> it's being called the first twister for tornado alley. >> listen to the roar. listen to roar. >> reporter: this huge tornado touch down in oklahoma. it stay on the ground for 15 minutes. it traveled across mostly open country until it hit hammond oklahoma. west of oklahoma city. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: there were no reports of injuries but five
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homes and a barn were completely destroy. several homes had their roofs rip off. power lines down across. >> zero accident. >> according to the national weather service, there were 1156 tornadoes in the u.s. last year. that's considered a light season. 2008 recorded almost 1700 tornadoes. >> the national severe storms laboratory says monday's early tornado does not necessarily mean the season will be more active. still ahead at 4:00, shots fired on a campus. an ohio state university takes aim at coworkers. >> more trouble for ben roethlisberger. a second woman has now filed. up in smoke, if that's where your efforts to quit
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smoking is going, new research to help. get your first-warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a worker at ohio state university shoots two coworkers before killing himself. he opened fire in columbus. brown received a poor performance evaluation at work. no students were hurt and classes went on as scheduled. more possible troubles for ben roethlisberger. a second woman now claims that the pittsburgh quarterback sexual assaulted her. >> reporter: ben roethlisberger is facing new assault allegations in georgia.
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a 20-year-old woman in millageville claims the quarterback attack her last friday and detectives want to question him. >> we and -- he was at a nightclub celebrating his 28th birthday, she claims she was assaulted in a bath room. they release him without filing charges. his lawyer said no sexual assault occurred. ben is innocent of any crime. police will ask for dna samples and studying videos at the club. >> we're in the process of looking at various businesses and videos they have. >> reporter: ben roethlisberger has had off-field drama before. a concussion after a motorcycle accident in 2006. he wasn't wearing a helmet. last year another woman claimed he raped her in his lake tahoe
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hotel room. charges were never filed. >> i would never, every force myself on a woman. >> off the field, he now will have some troubling questions to answer. >> he has hired a high-profile defense attorney. he represented ravens linebacker during his murder trial in atlanta a decade ago. a decent day on wall street street. >> the markets were up. the dow up 12 and the nasdaq up 8. let's go to new york where we have tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: it was one year ago today the stock market hit rock bottom. stocks closed at 5500. since then the market has
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roared back. the dow and s&p up 60% and the nasdaq rocketed as the economy continues to improve. chevron plans to cut jobs this year world wide. the giant says the cuts are part of the plan to lower cost and streamline its business. h and r block on track to lose a million customers this year. higher unemployment leads to fewer filings. do it yourself tax software as has taken a bite out. 43% say they have less than $120,000 in savings. nearly 1/4 postponed their planned retirement age in the past year.
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click on c bs money watch. >> a san francisco man is gaining a reputation as a world renown urinel artist. now he makes custom with even a political statement or two. it can run as high as $8000. that's one for the market. >> you know what? >> that's fine, but some others, that's just wrong. >> i like the flower. >> yeah. okay. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00, a recall for the popular pet food expanded, consumer watch is next. . in park heights using new government subsidies to make homeowner ship affordable.
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our string of beautiful weather continues. get your forecast. wjz is always on for the top stories on updates and first-warning ,,,,,,
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complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. look at that sunshine. >> beautiful. beautiful. >> i was doing a little test today, the temperature around noon was 57-58. i put a thermometer in the sun with no wind. >> 63. >> i'll say 62. >> in the sun with no wind. >> 110 degrees. right. >> did you use a magnifying glass? that's why on the slopes the snow goes. 110 degrees in your car. it's serious stuff. on the shady side, 58. right now 61, dew point low, dry air, humidity 26%, just a
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beautiful afternoon. southeast winds turned to the southeast at 9. beautiful afternoon. 64 in washington. 55 by the water. ocean city with a breeze, 51 and oakland made it into the mid-50s and seeing some snow melt. if we get some decent rain, we're going to see some stream rises to the west and in the mountains. 63 in cumberland. 63 in elkton. winds beginning to shift more to the east. they are been out of the southwest which allowed the warm air to come in. low pressure out to the east, showers around thunderstorms, a couple severe storms across florida, some moisture building with the jet stream. this is going to pass to the west, but this moisture will start heading across the
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valley, the tennessee valley, this moisture from the gulf of mexico begins to move up the east coast with some warm air, we have a good chance by thursday of some scattered showers. friday and saturday, that's the best chance for some solid rain in the region. we get a good rain. a. no snow, way too warm. mild weather continues and getting warmer as the flow becomes more southerly. to the north cooler and that's what we have rain, some scattered rain on thursday, a better chance of shower activity and a thunderstorm for friday and saturday. east winds light at 5 knots. overnight, generally clear. warmer than it's been, 37, tomorrow clouds start to increase in the afternoon but mild, 57 not as warm as today.
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coming back for the five-day forecast. >> 120 in your car. >> or was that 220. >> wjz wants to invite you to try your hand at the bracket challenge. you can challenge don, marty, mark, bernadette, kye, jessica and adam. you can find out which teams making it on wjz. watch the selection show this sunday live here on wjz 13. >> don't miss tonight's prime time lineup. a double dose starting at 8:00. an episode of the good wife. >> katie couric has a preview of tonight on the cbs evening news. can america take the lead in creating a greener world and make the economy stronger?
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not if china has its way. tonight on the cbs evening news. . emotional request, the family of the seaworld trainer killed by a whale makes a passionate plea to police. run away prius, details from a california driver with from a california driver with his car racing out of control. ,
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this is wjz, and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. it is 4:30. 62 degrees and sunny. thank you for staying with us. >> here's what people will be talking about. >> another highly publicized issue. they're look into claims from a driver in california that his gas station got stuck and went down a highway at 90 miles per
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hour. from san diego. >> reporter: toyota's newest headache at the dealership on the back of a tow truck. the owner came too to talk about the close call on the freeway. >> it was accelerating out of control. >> she called 9-1-1 as his car sped past 90 miles per hour. an officer instructed him to apply the brake and the emergency brake. he cut the engine and coasted to a stop. >> i pressed the brakes as far as i could. i don't think there was any brakes left. i could hear metal. >> reporter: the driver says he is having trouble getting any personal attention. the dealership gave him toyota's 800 number. >> we try to call and their lines are too busy to accept calls. not been able to reach toyota on this at all. >> reporter: he received a
4:32 pm
recall notice for floor mat problems and took the prius in two weeks ago. they insisted he was not part of the recall. now he says he'll never drive a prius again and california police say there was fear in his voice when he called. >> his adrenaline, the nervouses after the event, we have no reason to doubt it. >> reporter: investigators from washington to see what happened. >> toyota is facing at least 89 class action lawsuits that could cost $3 billion or more. they claim is causing the values of the vehicles to plummet. video of seaworld's killer whale attack will become public. kye explaining the new reaction from dawn brancheau's
4:33 pm
relatives. >> reporter: dawn brancheau died last month after being pulled into the water by a 12,000 pound or whale. the material would legally become public. the family says public airing of the killing would only worsen their grief. they could seek a court injunction and have been consulting with a lawyer. >> seaworld has not decided if the killer whale will continue the performances. it won't make a decision until a thorough review is complete. in the consumer watch, a recall of a popular pet food. nature's variety says it's chicken-flavored pet food could be contaminated with salmonella
4:34 pm
. today's health watch report, new ways to help people quit smoking. when smokers take a puff, the nicotine level donatistic right away but it builds up over several minutes. there are not spikes in nicotine, they may develop new approaches to get what they need but in a way that is not addictive. the metro crash killed 9 people and we're learning more about how much damage it caused. >> the new metro report. >> the cost of the destroyed rail cars and track damage is detailed in the safety board. they say metro spent several million dollars for the cleanup
4:35 pm
at the accident scene. metro will try to recoup about $24 million through the property insurance. >> the damage does not include legal fees from lawsuits in addition to the crash. the man who calls himself clark rockefeller was convicted last year of copy -- kidnapping his daughter. they say the prosecutor made an improper closing argument during his trial. >> a teacher apologizing after saying a student dressed like a prostitute. she was wearing a t-shirt and two pairs of legging at the high school. the teacher had a security guard remove her from the class. they called the family to say sorry, but the mother remains skeptical. >> an effort to renovate or
4:36 pm
build two thousand homes in park heights got a boost from the city. new federal and city money will help 60 homeowners throughout baltimore. >> it's happening on the streets, it's happening inside the homes the city is investing making it easier for new homeowners to do the same, the problem is the down payment. >> if we can get people over that hump, we can get the same hard-working nurse, teacher, emergency responser, non-profit employee with some atist answer the with closing cost the opportunity to become a homeowner. >> they're giving $5,000 and $8000 federal tax credit is available to get people in their first home. >> if you have enough for your monthly payments but don't have enough to get you to the settlement table, this closes
4:37 pm
the gap. >> homeowner ship is scary and a big decision and one of the most important ones you make. that tax credit provided me with a sense of security. >> the city has enough money to offer 60 families the $5,000. once it's gone, it's gone. >> if you'd like to see if there's any money for you, visit live visit. it's another spring-like gorgeous day and a live look outside. clear and sunny skies. >> nothing lasts forever but today was spectacular. nothing around here, barely a cloud around and very, very mild but out to the west, we have some shower activity over indiana and kentucky and
4:38 pm
tennessee. sooner or later it will start to move in by late in the day tomorrow. looks like we'll stay on the dry side for one more day but thursday, friday and probably saturday. >> checking on the roads with christie in traffic control. >> the ramp has been cleared as far as the beltway goes, we have some slowing on the north side inner loop to falls road. on the west side, slow from 95 to security boulevard moving to 70 westbound, congestion in the area. now let's look live as
4:39 pm
you can see, things moving well 95 south. this report brought to you by sunbelt bars. >> straight ahead, emotions boil over. the out burst in a courtroom. >> throw open the windows and breathe this beautiful warm air. bob updating the forecast when we come back. >> complete coverage with bob turk and bernadette woods and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ,,,,,,,, we all know someone who's always prepared...
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the fans were protesting a decision to disqualify a soccer club. bad blood in a courtroom during sentencing for a murder of a young girl. the bullet intented for her uncle. they're keeping an eye on both families. the registered sex offender accuse of killing a san diego girl is in court today. mary has the latest. >> reporter: john gardner iii charged with the murder of chelsea king who disappeared late last month while jogging. today he waived his right to a speedy trial and his hearing scheduled for august. he sexual assaulted king before
4:44 pm
dumping her body in a shallow grave. he's under investigation in the disappearance of 14-year-old amber dubois. her remains were discovered last saturday on an indian reservation. >> if he is convict he could face the death penalty. a suspect in their custody was shot while in hand cuffs. the 24-year-old victim was cuff after a traffic stop. the man shot in the stomach with bullets narrowly missing the officers. the man expected to recover and now investigators trying to find the shooter and determine the intended target. a gas pump fire claims the life of a pennsylvania teenager. 19-year-old luther was pumping gas when a fire started. the state's fire marshall said it started due to a static charge. one of the things drivers can do is touch the side of the pump when getting out of the
4:45 pm
car. it is grounded and will remove the charge. a florida daughter and mother okay after they plunged down the condo floor when it collapsed. >> reporter: i'm cry, i say help. help. >> reporter: the 62-year-old shares her terrifying story houring after leaving the hospital. >> she explains what happened as she and her 81-year-old mother were walking in the resort. >> crack, crack, but we don't have time for nothing. >> reporter: the floor collapse and she and her mother fell
4:46 pm
into a 50 by 50-foot hole. >> i say help. help. help. nobody coming. i'm glad the security heard me and called the 9-1-1. >> reporter: the collapse unit aarrived and they used a ladder to secure the floor before pulling the women to safety. >> i don't want to remember. i think it will be with me for a long time. for a long time. >> they have shut down the building until they inspect further. >> an out-of-control brawl at a bridal shop in michigan. an argument with store employees over a wedding dress. she returned a day later. one of men slapped the owner's wife in the face and she was tackled into a glass case and
4:47 pm
store employees fought off the attackers. >> family and friends gathered to remember the teenager son of marie osmond. >> coming up, inside the emotional funeral for marie osmond's son. >> they say their final good- byes to michael. >> it's overwhelming how much michael was a part of a lot of people's lives. >> among the many mourners, uncles. of course marie's good friend mary heart. >> it was special probably what he would have wanted because his siblings got up and
4:48 pm
spoke so warmly. >> don ny started it out and he, just like me now, it was very difficult. he got emotional. then he swallowed hard and started to sing and pretty soon they chimed in and it was the most beautiful experience to witness. >> our thoughts and prayers with them. tonight, sandra bullock's burger run after the oscar win. how you can get an oscar- inspired dress you can afford. more coming up later on entertainment tonight. >> don't miss entertainment tonight. >> the mother cathedral gets a steeple. the church was finished in 1907
4:49 pm
but at the time there was not enough money to add the steeple. they blessed the steeple before it was hoisted into place. >> nice if we could see the whole thing. there you go. fantastic. that's it. >> our spring of mild, beautiful weather continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we'll take it. my front yard is a bush graveyard. i mean, so many broken limbs. >> they're waiting at the nursery. >> on the grass, it gets
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moldy. you may have dead spots in the lawn and it's snowmold believe it or not. do a lot of cleaning up, replanting, this spring. and then you can have crab grass to worry about in april or may. 61, it will warm up today. southeast winds at 9. humidity very dry air. only 26%. the barometer holding steady. great afternoon. 64 today, the highest it's ever been since back on january the 25th. we ha some low to mid-60s. been 6 or 7 weeks. 51, 32 the averages and the records 79. 1960 ten above zero.
4:54 pm
56 oakland got warmer today. and 63 up in cumberland and. winds shifts southeast, not as warm as today and see some clouds with the winds coming up the ocean. the bay only in the upper 30s. areas close to the bay will be cooler as they were in the afternoon than areas west and away from the water. that's something you can count on. low pressure developing as you can see, with rain to the north, some rain in the dakotas. some snow in the far northwest rockies, this area of low pressure heads across wisconsin, dragging some moisture in and kind of see the flow of moisture and rain, going to move up the east coast. two areas of rain develop and probably see clouds by late in the afternoon. probably by thursday afternoon. see some scattered showers.
4:55 pm
the best chance coming on friday and saturday. a solid area and several hours of rain. could see more than that. it may be broken up, mild, maybe a thunderstorm for good measure and maybe on saturday. tomorrow, very light winds out of the east at 5 knots. the bay temperature up to 30. tonight clear, 37, warmer than last night and increasing clouds, still a nice day, it will be dry, 57, late tomorrow night after midnight, maybe a little drizzle and the risk of shower activity on thursday, friday, saturday, maybe one leftover shower on sunday. i believe that's st. patrick day's parade. >> that will melt the snow. >> it won't be much left by the end of the week. >> still to come.
4:56 pm
>> thousands of baltimore county residents are still without water for the fourth day after a massive water main break. crews faced with several challenges to repair it. at the first sign of a cold...
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
( sneezing ) i didn't take zicam cold remedy... but i did. can you do it by 3:00 ? yes, i can-- how about 2:00 ? hmm... get over your cold faster. a water main break. we'll is live in baltimore county. with more on when crews hope to restore service. a woman accused of putting a fatal hit on her husband at a towson gas station. i'm adam may. what neighbors say they saw police doing here at this home. that's coming up. controversial honor, michael vick, set to receive
4:59 pm
the prestigious ed block award. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" starts now. water main break. >> tonight, when water could be restored and life slowly returned to normal. hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary but bal a. here's what people are talking about tonight. more waiting and more frustration. dpw confirmed to wjz, it will be more than a day before thousands of baltimore county residents have water again.


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